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      1. 資訊熱線 : 0510-85070037
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        地 址:無錫市濱湖區金城灣一里街七號
        電 話:0510-85070037
        傳 真:0510-85062617
        郵 編:214123
        網 址:www.tangbee.cn
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                工廠從事生產的專業人員、科技人員占全廠職工總數的35%以上,建有嚴格的全面質量管理體系:HACCP及ISO9001國際食品安全與質量管理體系。 2009年公司在原有江蘇東臺養蜂基地之后, 又與中國醫藥進出口股份有限公司合作在安徽宿松建立了“美康恒昇宿松有機養蜂合作社”。 并于2010年獲得了歐盟ECOCERT 有機認證。
              Located beside the scenic Lake Tai, WUXI LONGLIFE HEALTHCARE FOOD CO.,LTD. Has been engaging in the processing and exporting business of bee products for about twenty years. She is one of the appointed enterprises by the China Bee Product Association for export of the fresh royal jelly and its frozen dried powder. And she is also one of the largest bases for processing and exporting of BEE PRODUCTS in China.
          As early as 2002, the Enterprise was attested both by the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) and the ISO9001:2000(International Organization for Standardization), which are internationally accredited and most authoritative in the world. In fact, she is the only enterprise that has got both attestations among the same trade in China.
              With its rapid development, the Enterprise has won higher prestige and position among the same trade. Since the Euro released from the embargo on animal products imported from China, the Enterprise is the first Chinese enterprise that has exported bee products as per the FOOD STANDARD to the Euro. At present, 98% of its products have been exported to the USA, Canada, the UK, France, Spain, Belgium, Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore ,Taiwan,and other tens of countries and areas, winning the prestige for Chinese bee products trade. In September 2005, its royal jelly capsules TANG BEE won the title of APPOINTED PRODUCT, granted by the TOP FORUM of SINO-FRENCH MAYORS, 2005, sponsored by the PEOPLE’S DAILLY (overseas issue). In November the same year, the Enterprise was granted the title of MODLE HONEST PROPRIETOR OF CHINESE ENTERPRISES by the Honest Working Committee of CHINA MARCKET ASSOCIATION. In 2010, we set up “Meheco Longlife Susong Organic Beekeeping Cooperative Society” and got the certificate of conformity for E.U. Third country organic products.
              In accordance with the principle of QUALITY FIRST, REPUTATION FIRST AND CUSTOMER UPPERMOST and with our service target in mind TO SERVE FOR HUMAN HEALTH, ,LONGLIFE staff have been in the past 20 years since its establishment , trying their best to make good better and better best, and have been persevering in rejuvenating bee trade as their duty and challenging the advanced technique of the world,and offering more and better healthcare products to the broad customers.

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        聯系人:費琳娜 電話:0510-85070037  傳 真:0510-85062617   網 址:www.tangbee.cn    
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